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The Casino Room contains a large slot machine in the center of the room. Slot machines will pay out in Spiders, Coins or an item. In the center of the room you will find a lever connected to the slot machine. The slot machine stands on three pedestals, the middle one has a large skull on it with the slot indicator on top of its head; the other outer two pedestals has heads of Hanz.

The slot machine has one row of three columns, when pulling the lever all colums will start to spin stopping one by one from left to right. The first column has 2 cherries, 1 clover and 1 skull. The Second column has 3 cherries and 1 clover. The third column has 2 cherries, 1 clover and 1 skull. It costs $10 to pull the lever.

The winnings are payed out by following conditions:

  • Any red skull will pay out a randomized amount of Spiders (the Casino door closes until all Spiders are killed).
  • Three red cherries will pay out a randomized amount of coins, ranging between 75 - 150 coins.
  • Three clovers will pay out a randomized item and the slot machine will brake.

The Casino Room has a 33% chance to spawn. This room will not spawn in Classic mode.

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The Casino Room was added in patch 1.9.

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