Gilead's Gun (Minigun)





A minigun used by the player and Gileads.


The Gilead's Gun quickly fires medium sized projectiles. These projectiles deal a low amount of damage, but the real benefit of this weapon is it's high rate of fire.  Upgrades to rate of fire will have a noticeable effect on this weapon, as the already high rate of fire is increased dramatically due to upgrades using percantages of a weapon's stats. It is also important to note that the projectiles from this gun have unique physics. Without testing, it appears they inherit some of the player's movement velocity(This means: if you're moving to the right while firing, your shots will drift to the right in proportion to the speed of your movement). For some players this will make the weapon difficult to aim.

In the current patch this weapon shares the same projectiles as Acht and Skullito. During these fights it can be difficult for players to discern which shots are theirs and which are coming from the boss(as they are the same color and relative size).