Rum in a mini-boss room.

Picked up items are presented to the player on a pedestal. These items can be found in various chest and lockers and safes, bought from vending machines, rewarded in the relax rooms after beating a boss, going to the Treasure Rooms, found in Secret Rooms, as a reward for defeating a boss in the Boss Rooms, Mini-Boss Rooms and Challenge Rooms, going through Trap Rooms and Curse Rooms, bought from Devil Rooms at the cost of Health, or can be purchased at the varying cost of Coins inside the Gift Shops, Shrines and Supply Vaults. The items in the boss and mini-boss rooms are rewards and can be taken by the player for free. Items appearing in the gift shop have a set cost displayed beneath the name of the item. If the player has the required funds, they may purchase the item through the use of the "use" key (default E). If the item is a weapon, the weapon you are currently holding will be switched with the one on the pedestal. If you purchased a weapon in the gift shop, you can switch between the weapon you bought and the weapon you had before however many times you want for no cost.

Normal DropsEdit

These items can be found in either Gift Shops or Mini-Boss Rooms. Note that there are a few items which can be found anywhere. Should the player already have an item that a Boss should drop, a random Item will appear in its place.

Item Icon Effect Cost
Adderall Adderall

Increases movement speed via a 1.15x multiplier.

Anchor Anchor

Allows the player to fall faster. Increases Jump Height with 5 and Gravity by 50%


Armor Box


Grants the player 2-6 armor.

Do more damage close up. Damage multiplier is added to with the value of the formula ((36-Distance)/100) $300
Blast Shield
Blast shield
Take no damage from your bombs, explosive barrels, turtle missiles, or suicide bomb frogs.

Can be dropped from explosive barrels.

Blood Bag Increase the player's maximum health by 5 and restores all of your lost health. Increase speed by +0.6.
Bomb Box BombBox

Gives the player 2-6 bombs.

Toy Bombs Bombs always follow to the nearby enemies.

Gives the player 10 bombs.

Bottle Opener
Bottle Opener
Remove maximum special ammo.
Blow FishBlowFish

Grants the player poison damage.  Lowers base damage.

Cannonball Damage up, speed down. $270
Ceremonial Dagger Killed enemies have a chance to shoot out knives.
Cpn. First Mate Increase all the player's stats.
Cheese Burger Increase the player's maximum health by 4 and gives the player 2 health. Restore all of your damaged health. $125
Cherry Bomb
Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.38.18 AM
Splits bombs into 3 smaller bombs. (Explodes once, splits into 3 separate bombs, which then explodes as well) $400
Credit Card Removes the cost of every Gift Shops items,Allows the player takes all of the items for free $200
Cocaine Increase your movement speed(+0.7)and Fire rate(+0.1)but reduce the player's maximum health by 2. $110
Reveals entire map, including normal rooms and special rooms.


Crystal Ball Reveals every special rooms inside the map
Davy Jones Locker Davy PWNS Locker! Adds 4 to the health cap, increases fire rate, damage, speed, and I think it adds a random amount of shields. $1250
Demolition Joe Increase the chance of enemies dropping bombs when killed. $200
Black Market Membership Grant an 7% chance to bought an item in the shops without spending any money for the cost.
Fire Mine Weapon projectiles have a chance to shoot a fireball that when explode on contact, sending enemies on fire. $625
Flip Flops FlipFlops

Doubles the invincibility timer on acid and lava.

Full Metal Jacket Gives the player 10 armor then increase the maximum health by 4 and movement speed(+0.15)
Gaangus' Soul
Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.41.33 AM
Allows the player to walk on the ceiling instead of jumping. $400
Green's Ovaries
Doubles invincibility timer. (This is a direct reference to YouTuber Green9090, the symbol for the item is even his YouTube channel logo) $350
Gum Gum

Gives the player sticky bombs.

Health Box HealthBox

Gives the player 2-6 health.

Hockey Mask Enemies that inside the room will be spawned with 20% less health due to this item. $230
Horseshoe Horseshoe

More loot will drop from enemies.


Hunting Machete Chance to permeate bleeding effect on mobs by 25% percent for 40% damage.
Infusion Everytime the player kills few enemies in the room , will increase max health by 1+
Iron Bar Grant the player's own weapon to have an chance to fires out an concussive projectiles which,causes mobs to walk around randomly. $175
Iron Heart Health has no cap limit. $750
Joker Card Teleports the player at the nearest Gift Shop in next floors. Pays next floor Gift Shop item by this thing. Single use. $100
Kiss of Death KissofDeath

Increases the player's weapon damage. Adds 0.15 to your damage multiplier.

Knitting Needles After clearing every room you take your time to knit a little, giving you 1+ Armor.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.34.19 AM

Grants 3 armor when player's health reaches 1. Ability resets after the player picks up another red heart. $720
Lightning Bolt LightningBolt

Increases the players movement speed and fire rate. +1 Speed, +0.1 Fire Rate

Pyro Bombs Gives the player 99 bombs. $500
Magic Eight Ball Increase projectile speed(+0.17) and grants two random powerup when taken.
Magnet Magnet

Automatically collects loot from enemies. (Increases your collection radius to 48)

Mega Bullets MegaBullets

Increases the player's damage multiplier with 0.05.

Motorboat Battery Powerups will be 'overcharged' through this item, Allowing those Powerups to be used twice.
Mystery Box MysteryBox

Gives the player a random item.

Naval Mines Every time the player get hit by something, will drops proximity mines on contact.
Obstetrician Grant the ability to disable traps and obstacles by destroying it using weapons but cannot disable lava/acid pools.
Old Socks Superweapons deal much more damage to enemies(+0.25)rather than the main weapons do.
Perfume Weapons have a chance to grant a fear effect on enemies that will cause them to flee when hit. Fire rate up by 0.1
Piece of Eight Piece of Eight Increases the player's speed (+1) and damage (+0.1). $400
Poison Bombs PoisonBombs

Adds poison damage to all player created bombs. Does not include non-bomb explosives

Powder Keg PowderKeg

Doubles bomb damage. Does not include non-bomb explosives (rockets/blowfish).

Power Armor Increase the player's movement speed(+0.1.25) and defence(0.7). Gives the player 3-10 Armors that adds on how much the player's own maximum health cap has. $540
Rum Rum

Increases the player's movement speed (+1), fire rate (+0.1), and damage (+0.1), but reduces the player's maximum health by 3.

Sand Shark
Sand shark

Increases the player's movement speed by 25% when on the ground

Scissors Scissor

Cuts all prices within Gift Shops in half. Stacks with Golden Scissors but seems to wear off if stacked (prices on later levels(?) are normal (not halved))

Shield Lover ShieldLover

Increase the chance of enemies dropping armor.

Ship Lantern
Sniper The player's own weapon increases in both range and projectile speed. Decrease projectiles spread.
Spiked Collars Approaching and get touched by aggresive enemies will get harmed at the point of -50 damage by this deadly collar itself. $195
Spinach Spinach

Increase the player's maximum health by 2 and gives the player 2 health. Increases range of thrown bombs.

Also increases the range of thrown weapons such as the sickle or trident and allows them to be charged more quickly.

Spring Spring

Allows the player to jump higher (+3 Jump Height).

Allows the player to respawn once after death. $600
Steam Summer Sale Reduces all Gift Shops item price by 50%. $450
Grant an chance to instantly stuns and immobilizes mob when hit by 40% percent.
Telescopic Scopes Grant a chance to gain a critical hits to an enemy when hit by 25% percent.
Trigger Finger TriggerFinger

Increases the player's rate of fire (+0.05)

Utility Belt Allows the player to carry two different Powerups on the item slot. Increase Superweapon ammo capacity by 30%.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C
Increases maximum health by 2 and gives the player one health. $120

Winged Foot


Increase movement speed (+1.5).


Strange Mushroom Increase Damage(+0.5),Range(+0.12). Lowered Speed(-0.4) $190
ATK Torpedo MIssiles
Chewed Map Gives the player an some random chance to reveal parts of the special rooms(excluding Dark rooms)in the floors. Doesn't reveal regular rooms in the map.
The Fool
The Fool
Doubles damage given and taken. $350
Shared Magazines Makes the main weapons has a limited ammo pool that shares with the Superweapons but grant the main weapons' infinite chargeable ammo.
Power of the Gods
Power of the gods
Spawns a random powerup. This Item can be

acquired multiple times.


Angel Wings
Angel wings
Double jump. When combined with Iris's Wings, grants infinite jumps. $325
Mortar Tube Grant a 9% chance to fire a mortar shot that hits roughly five characters away, dealing 170% damage
Psychic Spoon Grants weapon projectiles an effect to seek out certain enemies. $200
Petrifying Contacts The player's weapon projectiles now have an chance to freeze enemies in place.
Pumpkin Head Lowers and halves most enemies and Bosses' maximum HP by 40%. Increase Defence(0.14).
Chameleon Makes yourself invisible to the enemies’eyes. Enemies will have an 10% chance to won’t attack at all when the player enter the room for few seconds. $195
Boxing Gloves Attacking will grant a chance to fire an large projectile that deal alot of damage(+0.7) and knockback mobs.
Uber Projectiles Projectiles increases in power. Increase Damage (+0.11) but decrease Fire rate(-0.5) and projectile speed (0.7)
Raider Scarf Grant a chance to instantly evade any kind of attack without taking any sort of damage. Increase speed(0.3)
Bloody Dubloon
Bloody dub
Pay health(not max health) for shop items. Cost is cash cost divided by 75. $200
Can of Beans
Can of beans
Do 10 damage + poison per second to enemies within 4 units of the player (a room being 48 units). $300
Superammo Boost
Ammo boost
Superweapon ammo now gives 10 ammo instead of 5. $300
Tesla Coil
Tesla Coil
Doubles superweapon ammo cap $100
Bucket of Tar
Bucket of rar
Refills superweapon ammo. $100
Bucket of Chum Increase Damage(0.012). Lowered speed. (-0.2).
Cannon Balls
Damage +0.15, Fire Rate -0.1 $275
Lottery Tickets Doubles loots taken from killed enemies. Doubles also your current acquired Coins and Bombs in your inventory. $100
Gives the player $10 every time they take damage. $225
Decreases the size of the player's hitbox, makes player smaller, increases speed $250
Spreadshot The player's weapons now can shoot out an spread of three projectiles at once. lowered projectile delay(-2.1)and fire rate(-0.3). $165
Magic Mushroom Increases the player's every stats you can think of and enlargens the player's own size and hitbox by 60%, Which makes the player larger like a giant. Restores your health.
Sea Legs
Sea legs
300% speed boost (biggest in the game) $600
25% move speed boost while in the air. $150
Holy Water
Holy water
Restores all health $150
Spiderman T-Shirt
Damage +0.025 for every kill. Damage -0.025 every second. Damage stops lowering before it would count as a damage down. $300
Zen focus
Zen focus
25% Longer powerup duration. $200
Lose hearts before armor when damage is taken. $400
Transquilizer Darts Grant the weapons an chance to shoot an projectiles that slowing down enemies when hit. Increased fire rate(+0.5). $275
Naval Training
Naval Training
Damage +0.2, Fire Rate +0.2


Kevlar Vest Increase the player's maximum Defence by +0.5 and add two Armor $250
Helmet Increase the player’s maximum Defence by +0.5 and Damage +0.4.Adds one Armor $125
Increase damage, decrease speed $250
Polyphemus Projectiles fired from the gun will having an greater strength and also increases in both size and damage(+0.15). Lowered fire rate(-0.2). Does not affect enemy projectiles.
Meat Nugget Refills all health, 8% chance to drop two meat nuggets that recover 2x6 health
X26-Police Taser Grant an chance to instantly stuns and immobilizes a mob for 8 seconds when hit by 40% percent.
Oil Can
Oil can
Damage + 0,169 $150
Gun Holster Grant the player an ability to carry an additional slot for two different Superweapons.
Mysterious Serum Increases the player's Hitbox Size(+0.23) and Defence(+0.8) but lowers your weapon's accuracy(-0.4).
Red Tearstone Ring
Tearstone ring

Damage +0.25 at 2 red hearts. Damage +0.5 at 1 red heart. Damage +1 at 0 red hearts.


Hans Chainsaws
When throwing bombs chainsaws rise from the groud upon explosion $250
Backpack Allow the player to hold one more weapon slot for the inventory. cannot hold Superweapon on the slot itself.
Coffee Increase speed(+0.9)
Changes pain noises $0
Fire rate +1.5
Chosen One
Chosen One
Dash quickly by double tapping a movement key
Crate of Grenades the player's weapon projectiles explode on contact.
Eye of Dubbbz
Eye of dubbbz
Make every floor a dark floor for the rest of the run
Fear Effect Looking at the enemies will have a chance to scare them away to never attack you and may damages them for 20%
Death's Eyes The player's vision now have an chance to see how much remaining health the enemies inside the room has. Increase damage (+0.2).
Medkits After the player takes 5 damage from any kind of mobs encountered, will instantly recover for 4 hearts in 2 seconds.
Coin of Fate
Coin of Fate
Launches into the air and flips. If it lands on the smiley side: Max Health +2, Armor +2, Fire Rate +0.15, Damage +0.15, Speed +2. Skull and bones side: Max Health -3.
Brown Coat The player would gain/lose 1,5 more Health, Armor, Bombs and Coins, depends on how much health the player have. Increase Speed.
Electric Eel Shock nearby enemies for 150% damage, bouncing to other enemies at a range of 100 up to 5 times.
The Wire Grant a chance to fire sparks of chain lightning at enemies for 4x33% damage when hitting a mob or an obstacle. Slows down mobs movement when touched with the sparks.
Eye Patch
Eye Patch
Makes dark floors less dark but you lose your crosshair. $100
Hearts Implants Allow the player to respawns back from the death twice.
Makes player projectiles bounce. When a shot bounces, it gains 20% damage and loses 20% speed. Once a shot loses half its initial speed it stops bouncing
Digitat Defibrillator
Revives all enemies on the floor. Can be acquired multiple times. $1
Cyborg Everytime you shoot with your weapons, The player's cybernetic eye will fire out an piercing laser with the unlimited range from it's left and increase Fire rate(0.07). $85
Makes generated floors half as large for the rest of the run $175
Lowers gravity. Hold jump to float upwards.
Evil Eye
Evil eye
Bullets pierce enemies
Uses your bomb supply as your health supply. Explode every time you take damage. Gives you 3 bombs
Officer's Passports
Piggy Bank The player will generate $10 for 2.2 seconds instantly after completing a room with enemies.

Gives the player $5 after picking it up.

Creates light around the player
Max health +3. Totally fills health
Left Hand
Left hand
Removes the main weapons, but grants infinite superweapon ammo
Damage +0.15 $150
Pressing jump while in the air shoots you toward the ground
Mystery Chest
Mystery chest
Spawns two random items.
Fire rate +0.15 $150
Allows you to jump lower by tapping jump, and higher by holding jump, rather than always jumping to max height
TNT Launcher Every weapon projectiles now always create large explosions when hit!
Pentagram Increase Damage(0.128).Grant the player an ability to inflict an fear blast on nearby enemies on the room everytimes you got hit by them $666
Rabbit's Foot
Rabbit's foot
50% more powerup drops $200
The King of the Hills Increases Damage(+0.5), Defence(+0.8) Fire Rate(+0.13) and Speed(+0.7).
Lose 1 health every 5 seconds. Gain 1 health for every kill. Spawn hearts for every kill if health is maxed out.

♦ = This item can be dropped by Greebler or found in Gift Shops and Mini-Boss Rooms.

♦= Bloody dubloon prices are still missing.

♦= 1.7 updates are partially missing, or incomplete.

Boss Specific DropsEdit

The items listed below are those which can only be dropped by Bosses.

Item Icon Description Boss
Adaru's Sawfish Grants the player an spinning sawfish under the player's legs that deals moderate damage to mobs when they touch the sawfish. Can knock bombs away Adaru
Banshee's Scream BansheesScream

Increases the player's damage.

Blow FishBlowFish

Grants the player poison damage.  Lowers base damage.

Dobee's Blubbler Blubber

Increases the player's maximum health by 6 but lowers movement speed by 1.

Hanz's Coat HanzCoat

Increases the player's maximum health by 2 (unfilled) and gives 5 armor.

♦ Iris' Wings ♦ IrisWings

Grants the player the ability to double jump. Having two or more allows the player to fly by rapidly tapping the jump key.

Iris and Aerie
Mermaid's Harp

Weakens homing capabilities (white plasma balls), also slows down the movement of Gaanguses and Skortches.

Omni's Tentacles Tentacles

Increases the player's movement speed.

Skullito's Soul SkullitosSoulpng

Grants the player floating bombs.

Speiga's Fang SpeigasFang

Increases the player's damage and gives poison damage.

Snail Shell Gives you 7 armor and a small speed down. The Snail
Scubalien's Shell Turns your bombs into glowing turtle shells that bounces allover the place that explodes after an certain amount of time. Scubaliens
Ship's Hull Makes the player immune to liquid hazards such as lava and acid. Bismark

♦ = This item can be dropped by Greebler or found in Gift Shops and Mini-Boss Rooms.

Powerup Items Edit

The items listed below are single use items dropped by enemies, bosses, or from the Power of the Gods item. They grant immediate, usually temporary bonuses.

Item Icon Description

Doubles movement speed for 30 seconds

Golden Scissors
Gold scissors

Cuts the price of every item on the floor in half

Hot feet

Take no damage from acid/lava/blood for 30 seconds

Makes everything move at half speed and doubles movement speed for 30 seconds
Heart of Gold
Heart of gold
Sets current health to max health
Performs the function of a random powerup
Changes every item on the floor to a different item (shops, pedestals, etc)
15 seconds of total invulnerability to damage
Doubles damage and fire rate for 30 seconds
Fill superweapon ammo