Enemy Type



Random amount of miscellaneous Items

standard mob found on floors 4-7.


Skortchs are flying, flaming skulls which chase the player around the room. These enemies are quick and will try to catch the player and use their deadly melee attack.


Due to Skortchs being melee they cannot hit the player unless they get close. Simply put, try and outrun them while dodging the other enemies within the room. Often times Skortchs are the least of your worries.



  • Being a flaming skull that flies and melees the player, it may have been inspired by the Lost Souls from Doom. Even though that the fact that they chase, not charge, the player, makes them act more like the Floating Gnaars from Serious Sam.


  • If you land on top of a Skortch it will deal you multiple instances of damage in just a couple of seconds. This is most likely a bug with how the enemy works as it is always moving towards the player. It will keep pushing you up and thus damaging your health easily multiple times.