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The Superboss Room room has a orange border with the text "Do Not Enter" on the door. The Superboss Room works like a regular Boss Room that contains an elevator to the next floor and two pedestals instead of one, when entering the room either Gorton or Mommy will spawn (sometimes both Gorton and Mommy will spawn). Upon defeating the boss(es) two random items will spawn on the two pedestals unlike the regular Boss Room that most of the time spawns boss specific items.

In order to unlock the "Monster Hunter" achievement, either Gorton or Mommy needs to be killed. Both of these bosses counts as the same boss towards the achievement.

  • Unlocked by killing every boss once.

The Superboss Room has a 9% chance to spawn.

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The player is standing in the Shop Room and looking at the door to enter the Superboss Room.

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Superboss Rooms will only spawn the special bosses Gorton or Mommy (or both), Gorton and Mommy are Dahlia's parents.

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