Weapon Character Icon Description
Crossbow David Bowie Crossbow

A good starting weapon which has a charge time and shoots arrows in an arc.

Gilead's Gun Gilead Minigun

An alien-like weapon, the minigun shoots green orbs which do a sizeable amount of damage on impact.

Grenade Launcher Dy-No-Mite! Grenade

This gun boasts the ability to shoot live Bombs at your foes, but requires some tricky aiming to use effectively.

M14Gift Shop M14

A seemingly standard issue machine gun that scales very well with upgrades.

Rocket LauncherGift Shop Rocket

A weapon which uses rockets as its projectiles and has very good splash damage.

Shotgun The Tank Shotgun

A good all-around weapon which works similarly to the M14. Best used in close proximity.

Flak Cannon The Bouncer FlakCannonInGame

A unique weapon that shoots slow laser projectile that bounces off walls and props.

Sickle Gorton Sickle

This former farming tool has now turned into a deadly weapon which can be thrown by the player and then returned like a boomerang.


Poseidon Trident

This weapon is wielded by Poseidon himself. It has massive damage, but is difficult to use. Combined with the Magnet this weapon will return to the player upon touching the floor.

Laser Shotgun Gift Shop A futuristic nerf gun that the longer you hold, the laser will has less spread and more accurate, Moderately high damage but pretty tricky to use well.
Gauss Rifle Gift Shop This magnetic experimental railgun shoot an fast piercing beam that devastates everything right in it's path.

♦ = The player cannot spawn with this weapon.

Superweapon Character Icon Description
Blowfish Gun Gorton A weapon that shoots blowfish.  The blowfish homes in on enemies, explodes on impact, and poisons them overtime.
Cannon The Tank A cannon that shoots giant cannonballs.  Upon use, the cannon will emit a light, indicating a delay.  A giant cannonball shoots out and will cause major damage to anything in its path.  Preferably this should be used on bosses and mini-bosses since they are large, and will take a chunk out of their life bar.
The Converter The Bouncer

(ONLY if "Bouncer" achievement is unlocked)

Converts its ammo into: coins, health, armor or bombs when fired (Coin 29/33 | Health 1/33 | Armor 1/33 | Bomb 2/33). Consumes 2 ammo per shot.
Hanz' Pistol David Bowie

(ONLY if "Bowie" achievement is unlocked)

A revolver that uses two charge per shot.
Laser Rifle Gilead

(ONLY if "Gilead" achievement is unlocked)

A laser that fires a constant beam of energy while trigger is held down.
Tenchi Sword Dy-No-Mite! A katana sword wielded by the Tenchi ninjas.  This weapon makes the Dy-No-Mite! character effective at dealing with opponents point-blank range.
Recoil Rifle None (Found in Shops) A pink air rifle found in shops. This weapon will consume 1 ammo per shot and propel the player in the opposite direction the gun is pointed. It has no effect on enemies